Ameren Missouri Natural Gas Program Online Rebate Application

Applying for your rebate is easy! Review the steps below to ensure you're eligible for program rebates and are prepared with required supporting documentation. When you're ready, click "Begin Application" at the bottom of this page.

Step 1. Confirm you are eligible to apply for program rebates.

You must be an Ameren Missouri residential or commercial (General Services) natural gas customer to apply for rebates. Make sure to provide your or your customer's Ameren Missouri natural gas customer account number when requested.

Step 2. Confirm that you have purchased an eligible energy efficient equipment.

More details about the individual equipment is available at:


Step 3. Gather your required information and supporting documentation.

Complete all required information in the equipment forms, including old and new equipment for each rebate submitted.

If you have any questions concerning the requirements for this program, please call the Ameren Missouri Natural Gas Efficiency Program at 1-877-215-5752 or email

Are you ready to begin your application?